Replay Link for Conquering Arthritis Interview on “Know the Source”

One Radio Network with Patrick TimponeDid you miss Barbara Allan’s interview, with host, Patrick Timpone, on “Know the Source?”

The replay link is now available! Listen or download Barbara’s interview: “Know the Source” of Conquering Arthritis.

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2 Responses to Replay Link for Conquering Arthritis Interview on “Know the Source”

  1. Hey, I just wanted to say thanks for providing this link. This was a really interesting interview. I was curious to get your feedback on something. I recently found this interesting lens on a paleo diet which can help arthritis patients manage their symptoms. Are you guys fans of the paleo diet? Do you believe that this is a type of diet which can affect arthritis? Really interested in hearing what you have to say on this, because it seems like a compelling piece.

  2. The lense you reference is a bit naive. It main points are that 1) many people with arthritis don’t tolerate wheat well, 2) too much omega-6 is bad for you, and 3) wild caught, fresh fish, like salmon are good for you. The lense only vaguely explains these truths, and then makes a huge leap to say a paleo diet is good for arthritis patients. It totally misses the point that the foods that trigger the inflammation in arthritis vary widely from one person to the next. Any elimination diet (paleo, GAPS, no nightshades, not processed fooded, vegan, vegetarian, Dong, Feingold, etc) will only help if it happens to eliminate all of a given person’s triggers. Otherwise the inflammation persists. For instance, I have many clients who happen to react against salmon or some other species of fish. If they followed the advise in this lense and ate a species of wild caught fresh fish that happened to trigger their inflammation, then their arthritis would persist.

    It is much better to get tested for your particular inflammatory triggers ( and elminate those foods, than to get caught up in elimination diet plan that is supposed to work for everyone or most everyone, but misses factors unique to you that are critical to your own wellbeing.

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