New Blog – After Conquering Arthritis: Barbara Allan’s Life Now

Many people ask me questions like, “How are you doing now?” “Do you still have food sensitivities?” and, “Are you really arthritis-free?”

The answer is I’m doing great, I have no food sensitivities, and, yes, I am completely arthritis-free. I’ve even created a blog to share with you just how arthritis-free and wonderful my life is since I’ve conquered my arthritis.

Here I share the things I’m doing now that I could never have done with arthritis and the delicious foods I’m making and eating.

Even though I can eat an unrestricted diet now, my kitchen often doubles as laboratory for solving some of my clients’ toughest food challenges.

Many of the cooking adventures I am documenting in this blog are answers to the problem of how someone with a particularly difficult set of food sensitivities can still get a great dish of their favorite food.

My hope is that these things might help inspire you to completely heal your own arthritis and reinforce the fact that it is possible to heal.

If you’ve already conquered your arthritis, please inspire someone with your story: leave comments on my blog about what you’re doing now that you couldn’t have done before.

If you are still in the process of Conquering your Arthritis, please share the great recipes you have come up with that are keeping you happy during the healing process.

Your Champion of Renewed Health and Vigor,

Barbara Allan

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