Four Steps for Healing from Chronic Illness: A Radio Interview on the Dottie Coffman Show

Barbara Allan was recently the featured guest on Dottie Coffman’s radio show. In the show she and Dottie talked about:

  • The importance of researching your own condition
  • Asking your doctor about promising treatments you discover and not just passively accepting whatever your doctor happens to tell you
  • The importance of the right diet individually tailored to your needs
  • The healing power of resolving old emotional, mental and/or spiritual conflicts; and
  • The value of family, community, and prayer.

If you missed the live airing, you can still listen to the show here and take advantage of Barbara’s freebie offer for Dottie Coffman listeners.

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2 Responses to Four Steps for Healing from Chronic Illness: A Radio Interview on the Dottie Coffman Show

  1. Hello again, it has been a while since the last time I commented on your site! It seems like you have been busy elsewhere as well, but I am glad to see that you have begun posting again. I was actually hoping to get your opinion on the new guidelines for RA treatment that were released this year by the EULAR. I actually wrote about them my self, and I mentioned how this was a move to help dispel some confusion surrounding the previous guidelines they had set up. Do you think that these new guidelines do a good job at clearing up some of the confusion from before?

    • Dear Stephen in Alabama,

      I think the treatment guide for RA that you provided a link for is good as far as it goes. The problem with it is that implies, by leaving out all the other well known, non-drug treatment protocols, that medical doctors somehow believe that the drug treatment is the treatment that matters. Medical doctors tend to claim arthritis can not be cured, precisely because the drugs described in the new EULAR protocol have never cured anyone of arthritis. This is because when used alone they only suppress symptoms, not heal the underlying causes.

      When the drug route failed me, my doctor’s told me that there was nothing more that could be done for me. That of course was false. At the time I was in a wheelchair because of arthritis. Now I am wheel-chair-free, arthritis-free and drug-free. I used other healing methods not even hinted at in the RA treatment guidelines that you mentioned and those other methods are what made all the difference for me.

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