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Rheumatoid Arthritis or Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis?

Psoriatic Arthritis, Ankylosing Spondylitis, Reactive Arthritis or Fibromyalgia?

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Conquering Arthritis: What Doctors Don't Tell You Because They Don't Know  by Barbara D. Allan   This book provides practical, detailed information that is..

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The Conquering Arthritis Course: The 17 Secrets Method   This 28 week course guides you step by doable step through the arthritis healing process. Barbara delivers the l..

Meditation CDs

6 CD Guided Meditation Set for Arthritis Pain Relief   These are the medi..

ALCAT Blood Test

The ALCAT Test When I first wrote the book Conquering Arthritis the only reliable way I knew to test for delayed food hypersensitivities w..


Phone Consultations with Barbara Allan   Speak directly with Barbara Allan for her help in personalizing her system to your specific needs and overcoming any..

One of Everything

The One of Everything package includes all of the support materials Barbara Allan offers.  If you're ready for the whole enchilada, this is for you.         ..

Guided Meditation MP3s

The Meditations in this 6 Album Set helped me fully conquer my own arthritis. They retrained my response to pain.  They provided deep ph..

ALCAT Results Consultation

If you’ve already ordered the ALCAT test, congratulati..


Mark Connor

My last straw with my Rheumatologist was talking to him about how emotions and eating choices play into RA and he just smirked and looked at me like I was a foolish little boy. My side effects FAR outweighed my benefits re. my medication (Arava, Sulfasalazine and Plaquinel) and then he wanted me to start self injecting Embrel! I actually had to lay down in his office as he told me the side effects of self injecting that horrid medicine. Long story short....I slowly got off my meds alm...
Alecia Fred, Montana
About the Course I like the careful explanations and visuals that help me get a good idea about each and every aspect of arthritis and how to cure it. It is very carefully thought out and put together so that I can take bites out of all there is to know and learn about getting well. The course is working so far to help me soak in information in baby steps. It seems to keep me motivated to get well and helps me clarify what it is I am up against and what I nee...
Kerry Harrison

About the Book I've just read your book and have visited your website and listened to your interviews. Your discoveries are a miracle! A month ago, overnight I developed a severe arthritic reaction/condition. Within 2 weeks I had discovered, ordered and received your book. I read it immediately and implemented as many "secrets" as I was able to. In the last 2 weeks I have gone from being completely unable to walk, to walking pain free, symptom free!...
Thomas Alexander, MD.
Seattle, Washington

Worth it's weight in gold ... and more. Outstanding. If you have Rheumatoid Arthritis ...get this book. Practice it and your life will change. Barbara has done an excellent job of combining personal experience, reviewing the scientific literature and inspiring the reader, to produce a life-changing book. She goes through extraordinary lengths to find answers to the disease that once haunted her and comes up a winner. And you can get the benefit of her vast experiences and researc...
Glenn Dickerson
Houston, Texas

In Sept 2011 I was diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis. In two months I had gone from a very active, physical athlete to walking with a significant limp. All sports activities came to a halt. I also have four children (under 9) that I was having trouble keeping up with. I was reluctant to get up and walk to the kitchen due to the pain I felt in my ankles and feet. After scouring the internet, I ran across Barbara's story. I called her and we talked about a program for h...
S Kahler
I suffer from both RA and Ankylosing Spondylitis. I found out through this program that I cannot eat wheat, milk or dairy products, eggs, sugar or coffee. When I'm good at sticking to it, I'm almost in complete remission. When I cheat, I pay for it. Within 20 minutes of consuming one of the above items, my fingers begin to swell and get stiff, and ...
Mandy Collins

I bought two copies: one for myself and one for my sister. Your testimony and encouragement to be your own detective and take yourself seriously are invaluable! The information you provide is much needed and very hard to get. I am very grateful for your determination to analyze and conduct rigorous experiments with your own reactions to...
South Africa

I've had R A for many, many years. I also tried every so called cure, and believed I ate healthily. But it was only when I read Barbara's book and understood that food sensitivities could play a roll that I hit the jackpot.This coming September will be 2 years that I am totally free of any medication and the pain is almost non-existent,...
Reader, Atascadero, California
What a blessing!!! I cannot express what a blessing this book is in our lives. My husband's arthritis began at only 22 years of age and it was progressing fast. No one in my family has this disease and I did not know where to turn except a specialist. We saw a specialist for a few years, and I always asked was there nothing more ...
Excerpts from a Writer' Digest review by
Joe Durepos, Downer's Grove, IL

Conquering Arthritis is a powerful look at how one woman healed herself from the debilitating effects of arthritis that left her in chronic pain. This is a how to book in the best sense of the term. The author shares the nine secrets she discovered in overcoming her arthritis. The book is packed with helpful lists of foods, recipes, practical advice, a glossary, an index and many reference to other sources and books for further reading and research. Conquering Arthritis is a take ...
Janis C. Bell
Gambier, OH United States

I'd like to give a copy of this book to everyone I know with arthritis and all of my clients with chronic diseases. Food sensitivities are rampant, and most people ignore them, thinking that they have to feel really awful immediately after eating something or it couldn't be connected to their health problems. Allan's writing about this ...
Di Reagan
I will always be eternally grateful for Barbara Allan writing her book. The number one reason is the advice on detoxing. As Barbara stated so wisely in her book; your mind makes it more difficult than it really is. As a consequence, I realized how some of my own preconceived ideas were defeating my own desire for a higher level of health. This motivated me to go into this process with an open mind. "Now what's important to understand is the timing of this… this happene...
Catherine Ernst, R. N.
Center for Food and Environmental Illness, Inc.

Barbara's book, "Conquering Arthritis" provides essential information for anyone suffering, not only from arthritis, but other debilitating health issues. It provides insight into the real cause of arthritis and gives you the information you need to regain your health, vitality and mobility. Barbara is living proof that you do...
Fenton, MO

After reading Conquering Arthritis What Doctors Won't Tell You Because They Don't Know, I was so impressed by the amount of research, knowledge and the manner it was presented that for the first time in my life I decided to go on a fast. The steps are easy to follow and the background data that explains the rationale is...
Computer Programmer
St. Louis, MO

Even if you don't have arthritis this book will help you become more healthy, but the author's account of her victory over arthritis is amazing. I know her personally and she is an accomplished person and author, I recommend this book without any reservations....
D. Bengtson
Author and artisan
Vista, California

If you were to read only one book about Arthritis and its treatment this should be the one. Conquering Arthritis, by Barbara Allan is a biomedical, self help guide which details a journey toward total relief from the awful plague of painful, debilitating, joint inflammation. The information and story that this book cont...
Gail Furman, Ph.D.
Director of the Clinical Skill Lab
St. Louis University School of Medicine
St. Louis, MO

This book is a 'must read' for anyone who wants to move from feeling helpless about a chronic illness, to feeling empowered. Barbara Allen reviews all the pertinent literature in "layperson's" terms, and offers a myriad of suggestions for conquering arthritis. Her personal example is inspiring....
Ellen Brennan
Marriage and Family Therapist
Phoenix, AZ

Conquering Arthritis is a passionate and inspiring account of one woman's determination to heal herself by pursuing knowledge to the fullest extent and applying it with wisdom and care. This book contains everything you need to heal inflammation and restore yourself to a full and energized life. I recommend it, without ...
Karen Williams

A huge amount of research - both scientific and personal - has gone into this book. It is a document of pain, determination and success. It is also a roadmap for those who want to learn how to take better care of themselves for any reason. It is just full of information, methods and ideas. The author is intelligent, well-educated and pe...
Helen Eisen
St. Louis, MO

This book is a comprehensive, exhaustively researched, beautifully organized, detailed, and clear presentation of a remarkable journey. The photo on the cover of the book says it all. And though Ms. Allan focuses on arthritis, she also gives information and practical techniques that help her readers cope with other illnesses. Her knowle...
Linda Small
St. Louis, MO

I love this book! The ‘before and after rheumatoid arthritis’ pictures are inspiring. The book is easy to read, has solid information, and details the effort involved and payoffs for each section. It effectively combines the author's personal story of success using the methods she covers and her extensive study of relevant s...
Charlotte Ellis
Retired Librarian
St. Louis, MO

This book is the best book I have ever read about arthritis. I know the author and I knew her before she was "cured" and after so I know what an amazing change she was able to make in her life. I have mild arthritis and have found her advice more helpful than anything a doctor ever told me. This book can really change your lif...
Jocelyne Leyton, R.P.P.
Cranial sacral therapist
Ontario, Canada

Barbara's personal and passionate commitment to understanding her self and her illness and the rich personal exploration she undertook is a living example to the potency we each contain to healing in a personal way. Her book safely opens many avenues of healthy practices to explore in our search for deeper health and wholeness. This boo...
Sharon K. Hepburn
Physical Therapist, Nationally Certified Massage Therapist
Florissant, MO

Conquering Arthritis is a phenomenal book. I have recommended it to numerous patients who have chronic pain. People who are experiencing fibromyalgia benefit greatly from the book, especially from the chapters on leaking gut, food intolerances, and trigger point therapy. This is a must read for anyone who is ...
Laura Pole
Roanoke, Virginia

I am a certified health supportive chef and I cook for people who have health challenges such as food sensitivities and chronic pain syndromes. Barbara's book, Conquering Arthritis, provides me with great guidance in advising, menu-planning, shopping and cooking for my clients. As I read Barbara's book, a light came on: I realized ...
Asha Cobb
Mother and teacher
Denton, Texas

Wow! Finally the lighthouse to true healing! This is a real life guide to self healing and empowerment! Barbara Allan shows you how to take control of your own health and healing and become responsible for you own health! I love this book and I love this woman! She's the real thing. This book is inspiring! It shows us how to be courageous enough to commi...
Diana Kardia
Ann Arbor, MI
United States

I have had ankylosing spondylitis (an auto-immune form of arthritis somewhat different than the author's) for 25 years and have spent the last 15 years exploring a variety of alternative healing modalities to deal with arthritis pain. Through my own exploration and dedication to healing, I have been able to manage my pain without prescription drugs for most of that time, yet the arthritis has continued to define much of the circumstances of my life. I read Allan's book 6 months ago at the sugges...
Excerpt from an anonymous Writer's Digest review
This is a highly inspirational, impeccably well-researched and remarkably informational book that is chock-full of great advice, insight and perspective. The author's commitment to creating a thorough and easy-to-understand resource is apparent on every page. The text does get pretty dry in places, but the payoff is that there's just so...
Les Harwell
Morristown, Arizona, USA

Here is a concise yet detailed approach to empowering your own body to step out of the arthritic syndrome into one of wellness and health. A guide to know your own body, its wants and needs filled so that it can support you in a manner you would like....
Carolyn Craig
Research Technician in Sally Elgin's lab at Washington University in St. Louis

I wanted to tell everyone that this book is the genuine article! I have witnessed the author's illness and recovery. I met Barbara when she came to our lab as a graduate student to work on her PhD. I saw all the misery she went through when she was hit so hard with the pain of arthritis. I didn't know what to tell her when her doctor to...
Shirley Chrenshaw, clinical social worker who formerly had rheumatoid arthritis
St. Louis, MO

I have been on an arthritis diet from the book, Prescription for Nutritional Healing by Balsh & Balsh since 1992 when every doctor I went to told me I was crazy - that food had nothing to do with arthritis. I have been completely pain free since I started the diet. I met Barbara about a year after I had been on the diet and she was ...
Jan Adamson, extensive food allergies
Ottawa, Canada

It's beautifully written. It's very clear and easy to follow. WOW. This is a very important book - putting together all these kinds of information in one place. What a gift to the world....
Rosemary DeCoursey
Business Administrator and Massage Therapist
Phoenix, Arizona

You have a great accomplishment in your book and one which is certain to benefit many people. I applaud your work!...
Judith H. Smith
Huntsville, Alabama

A 'must-read' book for arthritis sufferers Barbara Allan's story of how she regained her health is truly inspiring. Every time I read it, I find another bit of information that I can try or pass on to my mother who has severe osteoarthritis. We found the chapters on exercise and diet particularly helpful to us both. Ms. Allan has provided a well-researched and clearly written book that should be read by all those suffering from severe arthritis as well as those who are experienci...
St. Louis, Missouri

A new way to look at an old pain... Barbara Allan not only talks the talks, she has walked the walk. Her detailed book is a forthright study of one woman's obsession to not only get better for herself, but also to share her conquest of arthritis with others. She admits not everything she does will work for everyone, but as an arthritis sufferer, her ideas add to the ammunition I already have to fight my own daily battles. Thanks, Barbara, for the book and for the hope. This is definitely a book ...
Carol Wilson
Meditation Teacher at Insight Meditation Society
Barre, Massachusetts

I think the book, based on what I've read, is very good, clear, easy to read, practical. I hope it gets published; I can imagine it benefiting lots of people. And it seems as though you have covered a wide range of topics, with lots of authority, both from personal experience as well as research....
Monica Tegeler
medical student with rheumatoid arthritis
St. Louis, Missouri

Conquering Arthritis is a book in a category of its own-easy to understand and detailed step-by-step instructions. A great strategy for managing such a complex and puzzling disease as arthritis. A must read for anyone not satisfied with their current treatment....
William C. Mootz, M.D.
St. Louis University School of Medicine

Of enormous importance, is that this book teaches a lesson to all of us who ever have been, or ever will be, told by our health care provider that we are afflicted with a disease for which there is no certain cure....
Inge Allan (Barbara's mother)
Huntsville, AL

Barbara Allan has taken a lot of time out of her busy schedule because she felt that this book Conquering Arthritis needed to be written so that other people would not have to suffer the way that she had. It took her years of research and trial and error to get well, but with all her knowledge and experience set down in the clear concise form she uses, it should not be difficult for anyone to follow her example and heal themselves from food allergies and arthritis. As her proud mother, I have sh...
Barry Allan (Barbara's father)
Huntsville, AL

As Barbara Allan's father I am extremely proud of her book. She was extremely sick for many years and when she could not find help from the medical profession SHE WOULD NOT TAKE NO FOR AN ANSWER. She set out on her own to find a way back to good health. For years I watched her suffer extreme pain. During this time she was constantly doi...
Bruce Beck
Phoenix, AZ

Barbara has written a very important book. Buy it for your friends and family before they start to hurt....
Ferdinand Wong,
Hong Kong

Thank you very much for helping me overcome my arthritis. It really is one of the greatest gifts! I am back to normal since November....
Susan Handran Smith,
Mullumbimby, Australia

I signed up for your 6-month coaching in January this year. A year into my elimination diet and meditation regime, I've gone from 7-8/10 daily pain to 1-2/10 daily pain. Those meditations have been profound for me and helped me gently release very old deeply buried pain. Yesterday, I even accidentally ate cheese at a Christmas party, and wow... no increase in pain or headaches today...!! I'm so grateful for your guidance and encouragement on this incredible healing journey....
Michael Lockwood
When I first read Barbara's book and started following the diet I used the meditation techniques in the book and got some relief from my pain as a result. Yet at about the same time as the meditation CDs turned up I got into such a good routine with my diet that since then I have had hardly any reactions at all. Therefore I have only used the CDs a couple of times, and have not been motivated to use them more often....
Stony Brook, New York

Since our great phone conversation - I have been feeling better- remarkable !!! My knees and feet and even hands are stronger and almost no pain....
Siobhan Long
I picked up your book a week ago and I swear it is going to give me my life back. I'm on day 3 of the juice fast and I am in amazement that I do not have joint pain. I cannot remember the last time I have not had constant bone-crushing pain in my hands, ankles, neck, not to mention the accompanying fatigue and inflammation pain. I cannot believe what a "fool" I have been for the last 12 + years that I listened to "Western Drs." who told me they had done all they could for ...
Julie from Los Angeles
I'm totally off my arthritis meds and feeling great!...
Mary Hamilton
Glendale, California

About Chapter 16: How to Gain Maximum Benefits from Exercise Even If You Are Still Quite Ill I loved this chapter and think everyone who has had surgery or any major physical set back should read it....
Naide Bruno
Chiropractor and Naturopath
Cave Creek, Arizona

About Chapter 3,4, & 5: Fasting and Testing for Problem Foods Having guided many individuals through therapeutic fasts as well as nutritional programs, I am pleased to see such thorough and scientifically based instructions on therapeutic fasting and positive nutritional strategies. Ms. Allan has truly grasped the essence of the benefits of fasting and proper nutrition i...
Helen Eisen
St. Louis, Missouri

The hidden allergen lists alone are worth the price of the book....
Kelly Standing
Chrone’s disease
Sunset Hills, Missouri

About Chapter 14: Superior Nutritional Support - How to Eat to Maximize Healing Very reader friendly, practical and thoroughly documented....
Mary Hamilton
Meditation Facilitator, Vipassana Support Institute
Glendale, California

About Chapter 15: Transforming Your Relationship to Pain - How to Use Meditation as a Powerful Aid in Healing I loved it!...
Carol Wilson
Meditation Teacher at Insight Meditation Society
Barre, Massachusetts

The scope of information and personal experience is quite impressive....
William C. Mootz, M.D.
Saint Louis University School of Medicine

Foreword to the book by William C. Mootz, MD A good book teaches us more than one lesson. Sometimes an author presents a lesson in an overt manner. At other times, a lesson is presented more covertly. Covert lessons are those that may require us to 'read between the lines', or perhaps, to recognize a common theme, never explicitly stated, but which, nonetheless, runs ...
Shinzen Young
Director of the Vipassana Support Institute

A special note from Shinzen Young, Director of the Vipassana Support Institute All over the world in traditional cultures, men and women voluntarily subject themselves to pain as a vehicle for radical spiritual transformation. The Sundances and sweat lodges of native North America are examples of this. As cultures become more complex, the shamanic ordeals of the tribe e...
Barry and Inge Allan
Barbara's parents

Forward to the book by Barry and Inge Allan, Barbara's parents To our daughter Barbara, It still seems like such a miracle that you are finally well. You were barely functioning outside of your bed for a few hours each day and using an electric cart whenever you managed to go out. Barbara, when none of the doctors' medicines helped, you didn't give up and feel sorry for yourself. You ...
Michelle Mills
I like the combination of the full set of the meditation CD's - I thought that I was struggling with internal anger but have discovered I am having much stronger results with the meditation CD around fear....
Ann Arbor, Michigan

I had a sudden onset of what was initially diagnosed as RA in early to mid-June.  I was completely debilitated, could not walk, could not use my hands, even my jaw was painful.  After finding Barbara's book, I did a comprehensive elimination diet.  The pain receded and has been steadily getting better.  I am very near where I was when the onset occurred. There is really no way to thank Barbara for her extraordinary, well-researched and well-sup...
Vicki Bruno
In 1999 I was diagnosed with RA after quickly progressing to feeling pain in all my joints. After an initial nightmare of the first MD telling me to come back in 3 months, I found a Rheumatologist who started me on meds. A friend heard of Remicaid early on, and for nearly 10 years I received infusions every 8 weeks. Luckily, at the time wh...
Gayle Ochsner Kelly
My rheumatologist was not familiar with the ALCAT and insulted I would even consider it. No...
Mike Barker

I am now in the second day of a juice fast that I'm already benefiting from.  I prepared the vegetable broth according to the guidelines you outlined.  Before starting the fast, I saw my colon hydrotherapist for a colonic.  Tomo...
Mike Barker
. I e-mailed you earlier to let you know how much I have appreciated your book, Conquering Arthritis, and to let you know how much I have already benefited from your "secrets".  This past April, I went on a 5 day cleanse where I made a vegetable broth and supplemented it ...
Love your wor...
Helen and Tabby
Thank you Barbara, from the bottom of our hearts, you have been so detailed and thorough. Both Tabby and I are excited and ready for the challenge. I so appreciate the love you given my family. You are inspirational! you have given me courage and helped me recognise my purpose. Thank you. I kn...
Betsy Usher, Los Angeles, CA
Judy Hundley
Moody, Texas

I had tremendous swelling, heat in the joints, pain where I had to get cortison shots.  Well, today three measure of inflammation:  Creatinine, A...
April Bergeler, Denver Colorado
Barbara was patient, honest and made recommendations based upon my current needs. ...
Laurie Estey
I love the meditation cd's!!! I completely agree with you that the spiritual/emotional parts of us must be healed in order for our body to ...
Timber Pearl
Listening to your pain meditations today.  Thank you.  I could not cope without them....

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This book provides practical, detailed information that is critical for the successful healing of arthritis, but that has never before been collected in one place.

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These are the meditations that helped Barbara Allan fully conquer her arthritis.  They retrained her response to pain, providing deep physical, emotional, mental and spiritual healing.

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ALCAT Blood Test
The ALCAT test screens for inflammatory reactions triggered by over 350 common foods, food additives,molds, medications and chemicals in our environment. This test gives you a huge head start in your healing process.

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Speak directly with Barbara Allan for her help in personalizing her system to your specific needs and overcoming any obstacles you encounter on the path to healing.  

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The One of Everything package includes all of the support materials Barbara Allan offers.  If you're ready for the whole enchilada, this is for you.

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An online community of support for those healing their arthritis, food sensitivities, or other autoimmune diseases.
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