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Author Topic: Re: Getting Started  (Read 7964 times)
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Kathy K
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« on: September 29, 2011, 03:28:13 AM »

Hi Everyone,
I've been a big fan of Barbara's book since I found it in 2005 after being diagnosed with cero-negative RA.  Blood test negative, but I definitely had it and still get it back if I am not careful on my diet.  I cannot stress enough how amazing you will feel if you stick to this diet that you discover through food testing.  I did do an Alcat test but felt it was actually incorrect on many items and I get much better results from merely doing the fasting food introductions.  I would not fully trust an Alcat test to get you started.  I would use it as a tool after giving up the basic offending foods. I've attached a chart for you to use when testing your foods against your reactions.  It really helped me to eliminate things that were bothering me. 

Also I highly recommend two supplements that combined with the diet helped me achieve almost 100% healing.  I love these so much I actually did try to get a job at both companies, but never succeeded.  I still may try again.  But I don't have any connection to them, other than I have been taking them for 6 years and they have worked wonders for me.  I am not sure my healing would have been as complete without them. 
- INFLAMMA-BLOX – Orthomolecular Products.  Can purchase online at a number of places.  This is mainly Turmeric from Cur cumin.  It has done wonders for me!  It brought me to almost 100% healed.  I get it at -
- ULTRA INFLAMX – Metagenics.  This helped me heal from about 40-50% to 80-85% in a year.  I still use both Inflamma-Blox and Ultra InflamX to help keep my inflammation down.  This one, you might only have a half dose because there are high amounts of vitamin A. 

Also, my last bit of advice - Motivation:
By all means, try to stay on the diet.  I was on this strict diet for 3 years (very strict and constantly fine tuning it with results from fasts and being in touch with how my body reacted to what I ate and by keeping a chart of those reactions).  And I achieved 97% healing within 2-3 years.  Then I went off the diet and started drinking alcohol every weekend. I still remained on the diet for the most part, during the week.  I did this for almost two years (after healing) without much reaction from my body, which shows the power of how much I actually healed.  But then at almost the two year point, the toxins started building up or I started wearing my gut down again.  And then I had a stressful situation in my life and all of the sudden the RA attacked my lungs.  It had never done that before.  It was completely scary.  So I went 100% back on the diet.  And within about 90 days my lungs felt better, almost 100%.  My doctor is the cheif of Rhumatology at Ceders Senai in LA.  He was the one who suggested I stick to my diet and see how it goes before trying anything else.  The healing power of the body never ceases to amaze me when given the chance to heal.  So if you go off the diet, be careful and try not do it for a long time.  And definitely don’t drink alcohol.  If you have to have anything, a little wine here and there seems to be the easiest on the system, but it is still very destructive.

  And do not let any doctor scare you into taking drugs.  They are very harmful to the system and none of them treat the root cause of RA.
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