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Author Topic: Total Recover  (Read 670 times)
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« on: December 13, 2016, 02:03:39 PM »

Hi All,

I have been visiting this forum since I read Barbara's book and learnt a lot from it.  I would like to inform everyone that I am totally recovered from this arthritis nightmare so there is light at the end of tunnel!

My journey started in April, 2011, when I was bed bound from Reactive Arthritis.  Never knew this name before.  Tried many things, including methods offer by Barbara.  Very appreciated for her advice.  Even more appreciative that I found someone recovered from it and so could I.

I did food sensitivity tests, and follow the rules to recover gradually from food sensitivities.  Still I have many food sensitivities so the process was slow.  One major forward step was that I took the advice of Dr. Tom Borody and did the fecal transplant.  After this I realized that only three food sensitivities left: gluten, dairy and soy.  That was such a relief.  It transformed my life - enable me feel confident enough to take on a major career change in another country.

Fecal transplant did not solve all problems.  After a few months more diarrhea started to appear and it seemed I was getting back to the old situation.  With luck (recommended by friend's friend) I discovered Kerfir.  Daily taking of Kefir, plus daily taking of enzyme fermentation products (Kibi Enzyme) turned the situation around and I started to feel better again.  Diarrhea stopped too.  Not only feeling better, I found I was no longer sensitive to any food.

This was about one year ago.  I have been thriving since.

I am so grateful that I received so many helpful advice and supports along my journey of recovery and wish you also will.

You can make it.

As it is difficult to get to this forum as there is a firewall in the country I am in.  I will try to visit the forum as much as possible and offer my support to anyone in need.

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