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  1. Kerri
    Kerri June 6, 2014 at 9:01 pm | | Reply

    Thank you for the recipes on your website. I was misdiagnosed in my teens and told my joint pain was tendinitis. I finally went to a rheumatologist in 1992 and was diagnosed with reactive arthritis. Unfortunately I wasn’t told or misunderstood the fact it is an autoimmune disease and not the same as osteoarthritis. I thought there was nothing I could do about it. I had gained 50 pounds and went from a collegiate track athlete to sedentary person trying to survive painful flare-ups and symptoms related to hypothyroidism. When I was miserable three years ago with severe pain in my neck and shoulders, I started Frank Lipman’s Revive program (clean eating) and felt so much better. Then due to a couple of years of chronic work stress, I cracked two teeth and had an abscess that led to back to back antibiotics that trashed my immune system. Just when I tried to get better, work stress peaked for a year and a half, and emotional eating took over my clean eating. My inflammation is so bad that I have pinched nerves and had to start steroids today. I am convinced I can overcome my arthritis, autoimmune diseases and overall inflammation with diet and probiotics and cannot wait to read your book! I am looking forward to trying your recipes!

  2. Eugenie
    Eugenie December 15, 2019 at 8:17 am | | Reply

    Terrific! I suspect that pre-alcat I should stay away from dairy, more than nut milk or coconut milk?

    There is no doubt that I am not feeding probiotics directly into my system these days, and need guidance as to how and when and how many different types I should ingest (store bought capsules included?? fyi I have been taking S.Boullardi am and pm for many months,which seems to have kept my intestines fairly happy, so long as I maintain what I guess to be a lower inflamm diet.

    I am now on Day 6 ? of your course, and about to push the button to purchase your book (along with the high $$ most thorough blood test).

    I would love MORE detail/time spent on each of these concoctions . . . I guess some folks are more familiar with all of this than myself.

    I am also VERY curious about ACIDITY and sauerkraut and these other ferments – are they not ACID Forming in the gut? I would like to hear for PsA types esp . . . how to understand the acid/alk results in the gut/blood? of these various inputs.


  3. Barbara Allan
    Barbara Allan December 16, 2019 at 8:31 pm | | Reply

    Eugenie, since you will be getting the ALCAT test soon, just stay away for now from any food you already know makes you feel worse. Soon we will have a much better idea which foods are safe for you and which trigger inflammation in your body. This can vary widely from one person to the next, so it isn’t useful to speculate right now on what is true for you. As to acidity, it is funny but not all acid foods cause the body to become more acidic when they are digested. Almost all vegteables, even when they are fermented, still tend to make the body more alkaline, which is desirable in order to lower levels of inflammation.

  4. Genevieve Vayda
    Genevieve Vayda January 8, 2020 at 5:20 am | | Reply

    Thanks Barbara, Turns out the animal milks are ‘Alcat safe’ for me after all – wow, what a gift. I hope it really is the case I can have something that turns the PsA diet rules ‘book’ on its head!

    Meanwhile, I was meaning to say ‘acid forming’, sorry if I was confusing.

    AND I have no idea really what makes me feel worse. I THINK I have an idea what has me feeling better, but in general it is a starvation diet with very few calories. I really need to gain back some healthy weight, I am disappearing!

    We’ll talk Noon my time on Thurs, and can review MUCH. (I do think you must know that Eugenie is my website name. I am very happy to de-anonymous-ize to connect with any real person for purposes of exchange or friendship. Just wishing to be any ol person until such an opportunity arises. Hope this makes some sense.)

    Feel free to connect me, if that is ever what you do with folks who have similar challenges. I’d be honored.
    Tho I guess it seems that everyone is so peculiar in their food habits there is not much benefit of exchanging – unless making kefir recipes together!

  5. Barbara Allan
    Barbara Allan January 8, 2020 at 4:12 pm | | Reply

    Hi Genevieve, I look forward to our upcoming ALCAT test phone consultation. The test gives us loads of information on what is and isn’t safe for you to eat at this time. The important thing isn’t following a generic anti-PsA diet, since what individuals need from one person to the next can vary so widely. The important thing is creating a diet that excludes your personal problem foods and includes enough healthy food that you can heal and regain your vitality.

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