Issue#8: Three Things You Absolutely Must Do To Heal From Arthritis

“Here is a concise yet detailed approach to empowering your own body to step out of the arthritic syndrome into one of wellness and health. A guide to know your own body, its wants and needs filled so that it can support you in a manner you would like. ”

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Three Things Absolutely Must Do
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Three Things You Absolutely Must Do To Heal From Arthritis

There are over 50 million adults in the United States with doctor diagnosed arthritis.  That is 1 in 6!  Most of this arthritis, whether it is osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, or some other type, is unnecessary!  

Healing it is as easy as learning your ABCs and your DEFs.  In my last newsletter, I went over the ABCs, which are three things you absolutely must stop doing if you want to heal from arthritis.  In this newsletter, I go over the DEFs, the three things you must do to heal from arthritis.

Three Things You Must Do to Heal from Arthritis (The D, E, Fs).

D—Heal your Digestive system.  Every client with arthritis whom I have ever worked with has had leaky gut syndrome.  Leaky gut is one of the main underlying causes of arthritis.  To heal from arthritis you must heal your gut.  You do this by identifying the foods and chemicals that are triggering your inflammation ( and then eliminating these personal triggers for long enough for your gut and immune system to heal.  Usually 7 days after you successfully eliminate all your triggers, your inflammation disappears.  Usually 6 months to 2 years later, depending on how quickly you heal, you have healed enough that you can again eat most of your former triggers, without a problem.

E—Exercise. Exerciseis critical for healing from arthritis.  Even totally healthy people develop the same pathological changes in their joints as rheumatoid arthritis sufferers, if they keep their joints too still.  Three types of exercise are necessary:  1) Everyday, several times a day, take your joints, especially the ones that hurt, through their full range of motion.  2) Keep your muscles strong to protect your joints.  Even if you are in a wheelchair you can still do isotonic exercises where you push one part of body against another.  Your leg against your arm for instance.  3)  To the extent that you are able get aerobic exercise, any movement that helps get your heart pumping will help.

F—Add Back Healthy Food. Eliminating your food and chemical inflammatory triggers (see DHeal your Digestive system) calls off the war in your joints.  Adding back healthy foods that do not trigger your inflammation supplies the needed raw materials, so that your joints can be rebuilt.  If you have extensive joint damage, the repairs that are possible may be minimal, but generally some improvement over time is possible.  A diet free of your inflammatory triggers and high in fresh fruits and vegetables, with only low to moderate levels of complex carbohydrates and high quality protein is what provides that raw materials needed for healing.

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