Issue#6: Three Things You Absolutely Must Stop Doing To Heal From Arthritis

“Wow! Finally the lighthouse to true healing!

This is a real life guide to self healing and empowerment!

Barbara Allan shows you how to take control of your own health and healing and become responsible for you own health! I love this book and I love this woman! She’s the real thing. This book is inspiring! It shows us how to be courageous enough to commit to our own health. One will find balance, energy and relief from pain, and most of all the inner confidence that we can heal our own bodies! This is a gem of a book. It’s wisdom, priceless.”

Asha Cobb
Mother and teacher
Denton, Texas

In this Issue:
Three Things You Absolutely Must Do
Three Things You Must Stop Doing

Three Things You Absolutely Must Do To Heal From Arthritis

There are over 50 million adults in the United States with doctor diagnosed arthritis.  That is 1 in 6!  Most of this arthritis, whether it is osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, or some other type, is unnecessary!  

Healing it is as easy as learning your ABCs and your DEFs.  In this newsletter, I go over the ABCs, which are three things you absolutely must stop doing if you want to heal from arthritis.  Soon, I will go over the DEFs, the three things you must do to heal from arthritis.

An interview with Chad Brummett on the Style Show on Fox 2, KASA in Albuquerque

Three Things You Must Stop Doing to Heal from Arthritis (The A, B, Cs).

A—Anti-inflammatory Drugs. Stop taking over the counter anti-inflammatory drugs like Aspirin, Ibupropen, and Naproxen everyday!  They cause leaky gut syndrome. Leaky gut is one of the main underlying causes of arthritis.  Every client with arthritis whom I have ever worked with has had leaky gut syndrome.  To heal from arthritis you must heal your gut. To do this you must stop taking these drugs every day!

B—Belief. Stop believing that there is any arthritis drugs that can heal your arthritis.  No such drug exists.  All arthritis drugs do are suppress the symptoms.  That is good, but it not a cure.  You need to correct the underlying causes of your arthritis.  To heal from arthritis you need more than drugs.

C—Cartilage. Don’t damage you cartilage by taking Tylenol evenyday!  Tylenol (generic name: acetaminophen) requires the body’s sulfoxidation pathways to be detoxified.  These same pathways are needed to maintain healthy cartilage.  If you pathways are tied up detoxifying Tylenol, they are not available to keep your cartilage healthy, much less repair any damaged cartilage!

Chad Brummett, the TV host who interviewed me was so inspired by this some of his guests he did a special video that includes mention of how inspiring he finds my Conquering Arthritis message !!!!!


Your Champion of Renewed Health and Vigor,
Barbara Allan


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