Issue #5: The Importance of Identifying and Eliminating Problem Foods

“Barbara Allan’s story of how she regained her health is truly inspiring. Every time I read it, I find another bit of information that I can try or pass on to my mother who has severe osteoarthritis. We found the chapters on exercise and diet particularly helpful to us both.”

Judith H. Smith
Huntsville, Alabama

In this issue:
Importance of Eliminating Problem Foods
Updated Allergen Lists

As you are probably already aware, if you have either classical food allergies or food sensitivities (the difference is explained on pages 30-32 of the book, Conquering Arthritis) avoiding hidden allergens is a critical part of getting well and staying well.

These allergens tend to be different for each person.  Knowing exactly what your own particular allergens are and exactly where these hidden allergens are found, is a key for stopping arthritis in its tracks.

Once you are able to successfully avoid all your problem substances, even the tiniest amount of them, then arthritis inflammation tends to go completely away.

Once the body stops attacking itself (through the inflammation), it starts healing itself.

If you would like to learn more about the best way I have found to determine exactly what problem foods and substances are triggering your arthritis, visit:

Until recently you needed a  “secret link” to get to my updates page.  This is because one perk of getting this newsletter is that you get the access to the updates before anyone else.

These updates are now available to the general public on my website:

Since my book was published I have found more than 20 more new products that contain hidden allergens and over 100 new names used on product labels that can indicate the presence of hidden allergens.

To go directly to these updates click on:

An example of these updates, “SIMPLESSEĀ®” is an artificial fat made from skim milk and egg whites.  The name Simplesse on a label signals the presence of milk and egg allergens.

Further examples of  hidden sources of milk allergen are the dry powder type of  ASTHMA INHALERS, which can contain lactose and LATEX GLOVES which can contain casein.  Both lactose and casein are derived from milk.

If you have already been working to remove all of your problem substances from your life, and happen to have come across any more names to add to my hidden allergen list, please
send them to me at:

Sharing what you have discovered (just like I have been doing) is one of the best ways to give back or “pay it forward.”  The more we share what we know, the easier and quicker it is for the next person heal.

Your Champion of Renewed Health and Vigor,
Barbara Allan

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4 Responses to Issue #5: The Importance of Identifying and Eliminating Problem Foods

  1. Hey, I just wanted to say thank you for the really helpful post. I have spent some time recently learning about my diet, and how it has potentially affected my health over the years. I was initially inspired to start looking into this after reading a young woman’s on story about how her elimination diet was able to help with her RA. Thank you again for the resources that you have provided here.

  2. I really have been enjoying your newsletter. I know this is coming a little late, but there is a great infographic for rheumatoid arthritis that I really wanted to share with you. The infographic is titled “What is Rheumatoid Arthritis?”. It has some intriguing information about this chronic autoimmune disease and some of the organizations which support RA patients.

    • ClinicalGPS says:

      Wow, that is a really great infographic on rheumatoid arthritis. I could certainly agree that this is a disease which can be misunderstood. For instance, I know for a fact that most people believe this to be a condition which only affects older people. I think that they would be quite surprised to find out that the symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis can appear in teenagers and children too.

    • Wow, that was an amazing infographic on rheumatoid arthritis. Thank you for taking the time to share this brilliant piece of visual information. I hope you are able to share this with more places, because this is a disease that more people should be educated on.

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