Issue #37: Meditation Resources

“I have had ankylosing spondylitis (an auto-immune form of arthritis somewhat different than the author’s) for 25 years and have spent the last 15 years exploring a variety of alternative healing modalities to deal with arthritis pain. Through my own exploration and dedication to healing, I have been able to manage my pain without prescription drugs for most of that time, yet the arthritis has continued to define much of the circumstances of my life. I read Allan’s book 6 months ago at the suggestion of a friend and have been amazed to find how much I have learned despite my own extensive explorations in this arena. This book has helped me take my healing to a new level, assisting me with defining key triggers and inspiring me toward a new vision of health.”

Diana Kardia
Ann Arbor, MI
United States

In this Issue:
Meditation Resources
An Enlightening Article
Successful Arthritis Treatment
Guided Meditation Offer
Retreats and Resources

Meditation Resources

An enlightening article about emotional release and meditation
Emotion and the Untrained Mind – What Causes Disease

Our emotions affect our body and our body affects our emotions. This is an article about how our state of mind affects our health.

Successful Rheumatoid Arthritis Treatment
A Meditation Overview

Guided Meditation Special CD Offer
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Featuring Tonglen and Vipassana Meditation specially created for healing arthritis.

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Meditation Retreats and Resources

Vipassana Support Institute
This Web site is a place to learn about meditation and its application to pain management. Shinzen has many good articles on meditation on his Web site. He also posts answers to questions posed by readers and there is a page listing upcoming retreats he will be leading.

Spirit Rock Center
This organization, founded by Jack Kornfield, offers retreats and other activities that teach and support the practice of vipassana meditation.

Insight Meditation Center (IMS)
This organization, founded by Sharon Salzberg and Joseph Goldstein, offers retreats and other activities that teach and support the practice of vipassana meditation.

Mid America Dharma
This umbrella group sponsors retreats in the Midwest. It can also put you in touch with local sitting groups throughout the Midwest. Sitting groups are groups of people who help support each other’s practice by gathering to sit in meditation together.

Inquiring Mind
This publication comes out twice a year. It contains articles related to vipassana meditation, and more importantly an extensive list of sitting groups and upcoming meditation retreats in the United States and elsewhere. There is no set cost to receive the publication; it relies on donations.

Your Champion of Renewed Health and Vigor,
Barbara Allan


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